Is it possible to remove Kodi and just install Plex?

Hi there,
I bought a Vero 4K a couple of years ago in order to try and set up a Kodi install. I remember messing around with various YouTube videos but ending up ditching the idea of using Kodi and managing to get KodiPlexConnect and Plex working via the “Add Ons → Video Add Ons” menu of the Kodi install that was on the Vero box.

I also (regretably) managed to get Vero to boot directly into Kodi (although I wish I hadn’t).

At the same time, I’d set up my TV’s inbuilt Plex app (Plex became my preferred option) and, due to the convenience, just used that.

Fast forward to now… and my TV’s inbuilt Plex client is no longer supported and I’d like to move everything over to my Vero box.

My ideal set up would be to have my Vero box just boot into Plex when it starts up as, trying to get to Plex via Kodi seems to be causing problems - when I fire up Plex the box keeps locking up or just not launching Plex (it seems like Plex is somehow ‘in the background’ so won’t relaunch - but I’ve no idea how to bring it to the foreground??).

I was hoping someone could help me untangle this web… :slight_smile:

Ideally I would like to factory reset my Vero but, from what I’ve read via Google, that can’t be done (or can’t be done easily??)

So… firstly I’d like to manage to ‘get out’ of Kodi… then (ideally) uninstall Kodi (if that’s possible) - then (also ideally) install a fresh copy of Plex and then (even more ideally) set up the Vero box to just boot directly into Plex.

Is that possible?? And, if so, how would I go about getting rid of Kodi?? Would I need to connect a normal keyboard and mouse to the Vero box and then use that somehow to uninstall Kodi?

Any help / pointers on how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Go to Download - OSMC. This should let you reinstall OSMC.

Go to Download - OSMC. This should let you reinstall OSMC.

Plex can’t be ‘directly’ run on the device to my understanding. It doesn’t have a direct front-end on GLES platforms. Just use a Plex add-on.

So, is it as easy as copying that Vero 4K image to a USB drive and then booting my Vero up with the USB drive plugged in??

(Thanks for that link BTW - this looks like a superb option)

** Follow up question… I’ve unzipped the latest ‘Vero’ version and it has a filename of “OSMC_TGT_vero3_20211129.img”

Even though that’s a 2021 version of the image. Do you know (or does someone know) whether that’s still compatible with my Vero (i think I bought mine in 2018??) Thanks :slight_smile:

I think you should read the reinstallation instructions on the Wiki

Don’t extract / unzip anything.



Okeedokee… I didn’t realise there was a Wiki… I’ll find that and see what it says.

Thanks for your help. It’s really appreciated matey :slight_smile:

In case you haven’t found it

I did find it (surprisingly for me!!) - but thank you :slight_smile:

My daughter ran into this on one of her TV’s but I got an email from Plex ahead of time that listed the workaround…

Heads up!
On September 30th, some older smart TVs (some LG, Vizio, Hisense, and other unsupported TV platforms) will no longer be able to use secure connections to communicate with Plex Media Servers. These devices are no longer supported by their manufacturers, and won’t be receiving an update needed to continue making secure connections to a personal server. You’re receiving this email because you’ve recently used a Plex app that may be affected by this change.

If your TV is on the same network as your Media Server, and you haven’t made changes to your secure connection settings, this change should have no impact on your experience.

If your smart TV app has trouble connecting to a Media Server after September 30th, please ensure that both the app and the server are set to allow insecure connections: On the TV app*, ensure that Settings → Advanced → Allow Insecure Connections is set to Always, and on the server, ensure that Settings → Network → Secure connections is set to Preferred.

Note that this configuration does allow for the possibility of unencrypted communication (over the internet, when playing remotely) between the TV app and the Media Server, but connections will remain secure for those apps and platforms that support them. To continue to stream securely, we encourage you to consider upgrading your Plex experience with one of several updated and affordable devices, such as Google Chromecast, Roku Express, or Amazon Fire TV Stick.

The Plex Team

***** Note: on some older TV apps the equivalent setting can be found under Settings → Main → Allow fallback to insecure connections. This should be set to Always.

Thanks for letting me know!! I’ll give that a go tonight! Really appreciate you chiming in with that info. Cheers :slight_smile:

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