Is it possible to remove watched check-marks from Kodi?

Original post was wrong. New to forums. sorry for posting again in the thread. Thanks for the reply below sam_nazarko

I am using OSMC on a Raspberry Pi 3 in my living room with great success. I setup a second one for my bedroom by cloning my sd card. I have my local library of personal video files that I watch using kodi. I would like it to the new box to not have the watched checkmarks for stuff I have already watched. There has got to be a database setting for this somewhere? Would really like my second machine to be a fresh start for viewed files with no checkmarks without having to reinstall the whole thing from scratch.

Just copy the .kodi directory over, no need to clone SD card.

And don’t move MyVideos*.db over or delete it from .kodi/userdata.

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