Is osmc samba invulnerable?

Is the version of samba maintained by OSMC (app store version) vulnerable to the latest exploit? If so, what are the plans for patching?

I have port 445 locked down to incoming on my router, but I feel better about welding the door shut instead of just closing it. :slight_smile:

This CVE was patched and resolved in OSMC 2017.04-2.

At the same time as the subtitle cve?

Awesome. Thanks, Sam!

For my future referencing, do you all list all patched CVEs on update notes anywhere?


No – only most significant ones. A lot of other CVEs are fixed by Debian upstream.

K. Thanks again. You’re a badass.

For finding more info on CVE use this site if your really interested in learning how vulnerable your system is

and as Sam said most things are patched from Debian maintainers unless they are forked by OSMC.