Is there a possibility for dual audio?

Hey there!
I’m new to OSMC and was just wondering if there is a dual audio feature.
I used to work with kodibuntu and applied this patch:

Is it possible to apply this patch to osmc as well, or is it going to interfere negatively with osmc?

Thanks a lot for your help!

@popcornmix will know, but I think dual audio is possible with the Pi Sink (i.e. analog and HDMI) and you only need the patched you referred to if you want dual audio using an external device.

Hello sam,

thanks for your reply. I’m not using the pi, just a standard x64 PC. I would use the dual audio to provide multi-room support.

I will have a try to patch kodi in osmc with dual-audio and write here how it works.

Maybe I am in the wrong movie or you are living in the future. As of today OSMC only runs on Vero and Raspberry Pi (both are ARM CPUs) so not sure how you are going to get OSMC on your x64 PC running.

Wow, you are totally right.
I was thinking I read that osmc is going to support standard PC as well, and I saw that with the final build. But apparently I was mistaken.

And sorry for my bullshit question.

OSMC will start supporting x64 in September


I wouldn’t say bullshit, just a bit ahead of your time.Because currently dual audio is very often viewed from a Raspberry view (means internal + HDMI).
If you are going for a PC setup with multiple soundcards either you could try the patch approach or you might go down the pulseaudio path depending what else you want to do on that PC in the meantime


Not even once…