Is this remote control suitable?

I bought a remote control a while ago to control my OSMC but it’s vanished (I blame the kids!) so I am looking at a replacement. I just want to do the basics - Stop, Pause, Play,. FF, RW that sort of thing. I’m not bothered about keyboard input or suchlike as all we use OSMC for is playing movies (no addons etc etc).

I found this one which looks nice and tidy but I’m not sure if it would support FF and RW. Does anyone have one of these and care to comment?

Ah, ignore this. Looks like a mouse emulator. Not any use after all :frowning:

Well, a mouse will work - but not in the OSMC skin, you’d have to switch skin to one designed to work well with a mouse.

If the buttons are standard mediacenter buttons they may work as well. No way to know without trying it unfortunately, unless someone else has tried one before.

The updated OSMC skin has mouse support.

It’s great that the new skin has support, but I don’t really want a wandering mouse pointer. I just want the up/down/left/right functionality.
I guess the best option would be the Raspberry Pi official OSMC remote. I’m a bit loathe to spend upwards of £20 when other remotes can be got for a fraction of that though. Yes, I’m tight with money!!

Try the Digiflex remote here - I have several of them