Is using vero 4k on a TV with broken HDMI connectors possible?


I recently found an old full HD sony TV in my basement. KDL-40Z4500 Specifications | Sony UK

I stopped using it when all 3 HDMI ports on the TV broke. The TV itself still works perfectly if you plug the cable tv coax cable in. Just the HDMI seems to be broken.

Is it possible to somehow get flawless video 1080p playback and audio playback (on the TV speakers) working with the vero 4k utilizing other connectors the TV has?

edit: I know that CEC and stuff like that won’t work I just want to use the tv for some time before buying a 4k tv next year or so. And paying 150 + to fix the hdmi connectors seems a bad investment considering I plan to get a new tv soon-ish

The Vero 4K supports Composite (CVBS), but this would only give you 576i at the most.


Looking at the tv specs it looks like the tv supports 1080p over (HDMI™/Component) so i wonder could i run the vero 4k hdmi signal to a spliter that gives me component video and headphone jack audio ?

Yes — but the splitter may be costly.

Will this work?

You are asking for flawless 1080p and audio playback… You are going to get what you pay for here…

I’m not concerned with audio.if I get 2.0 audio from the tv speaks I’ll be fine. But I am concerned about 1080p@24hz video for smooth movie playback

I guess if you are willing to throw away 5 bucks to test for yourself?

Sure I will test it. I hope i can get the cable locally buying online and waiting for it is a bit off putting specially if there is a chance it won’t work as intended

That cable is unlikely to work. You will need something to convert the digital signal (HDMI) to analog (YPbPr).

I agree with @wesk05. I think what you will need is an active device to convert the digital signal to analog. Something like this:

Thanks you guys are awesome ! Could you recommend any of this ? HDMI to YPbPr Component for sale | eBay I’m from EU so getting stuff from the US takes ages and I have to pay extra tax once i get it. If I order something from inside the eu its fast and no extra cost.

How about this? Should be more local to you.[1x-HDMI-vticnica-%3D>-5x-Cinch-vticnica]-1920-x-1080-Pixel-crn-SpeaKa-Professional.htm?websale8=conrad-slowenien&pi=1095853&ci=SHOP_AREA_37410_1320013

Hvala :wink:

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