Is wifi always this slow?


I’m using an adapter on my pi3. it has an antenna and gets a whole extra white circle of wifi in “my osmc” there are 4 white circles of strength.

I connect to osmc, then use scp command to transfer 45MB file to osmc. over the wifi. it reports back that the transfer happened at 733KB/s at just under 6MB/s this is too slow to do hdtv streaming over the wifi.

Why is it so slow? my sdcard is class 10.

is this normal rpi3 wifi performance? everyone doing streaming of tv here is using wires?

Thanks for your insights.

my logs are:

SCP has protocol overhead.

Use an FTP server (from App Store) or another protocol.

WiFi isn’t slow, your chosen transfer protocol is.

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thanks for your reply. I didnt realize the same people read both forums. it’s nice to get someone to talk to you.

i am just trying to diagnose why i can’t stream stutter free nextpvr. is it my router? is it the pie? how high could the nextpvr overhead possibly be?
sometimes it manages 7-10 mbps on nextpvr but still will cut out. i set readbufferfactor to 8 and still it won’t compensate for the cutouts. idk some folks say readbufferfactor can go to 100. maybe i try that.

problem i keep seeing is 7-10mbps, or even the occasional 20mbps spike are very far off from 65mbps, so idk where the performance deficit is.

any ideas?

You will never get 65Mbps. The best you will see on 1x1 20Mhz is likely 40Mbit

I suggest using iperf to check your speeds

and 40Mbit it’s about 5MByte/s right ? but this append whit strong signal and strong wi-fi access point…