ISO DVD playback how to?

Hi guys,

This is my first time using RPi 2 as well as OSMC (in fact first time trying media center). My aim was to have all my DVD collection stored in one place.

So I have ripped some DVDs using WinCDEmu and produced an ISO file but when I try to play it nothing happen the only positive side is that ISO is recognised and I even have all the meta information downloaded from internet.

Reading through the forum threads it appear that I need to buy MEPG-2 and VC-1 codec from raspberry is this correct?

Also for the most experienced of you can you please advise me on what software combination I should use to produce ISOs that will be played safely on my RPi 2 OSMC?

I can read from other thread that some people use RedFox so I was planning to get the following for my solution

• Get MEPG-2 and VC-1 (depending on my first question above)
• Get RedFox or DVDFab (for DVD decryption)
• Continue using WinCDEmu to convert DVD to ISO

Please advise on the best combination I don’t mind spending a bit of money as long as the final solution is bullet proof (don’t want to run into bugs/problems when reading my ISO from OSMC/Kodi).

Do you mean you got no pictures? If so then you’ll need some codecs - just which depends on how the stuff was coded, but you usually need MPEG2.
There is a utility called mediainfo which can tell you what coding is used, and that is available in Windows and linux forms (and maybe more).
You may then not need anything further, as OSMC on RPi is quite capable of playing DVDs and ISOs - with the caveat that sometimes there is a problem with the menus (cannot be more specific, as they use som many different schemes)

Yes correct, nothing happen no picture what so ever. Based on your comment I will get the MPEG-2 codec for my RPi2.

Regarding the build of the ISO themself are you saying that I don’t need any of RedFox or DVDFab i.e. I should be fine with WinCDEmu I have already.

I will try that mediainfo tool.

I confess to ignorance about your various software packages - but anything which will construct what amounts to a copy of the DVD filesystem as the ISO file will do (eg dd command in linux)

Just to confirm that after the installion of MPEG-2 codec on my RPi2 I can now see the ISO correctly from OSMC.

For building ISO I will also try dd under linux as suggested.

Also please note that when I try mediainfo on a ISO it just tell me that it is an ISO (it doesn’t tell me what codec are used) but if I browse the folder where videos are then I get more infos.

Using dd to duplicate your ISO will leave it encrypted, which may give you playback problems. OSMC does incorporate libdvdcss, but this may not work for all titles.