Issue with music player reading artist id3 tags

I’m using a Vero 4K+ and having some quirks with the music player and reading/dispalying id3 tags.

while it reads in and shows all the artists based on either the Artist or possibly Album Artist tag. It also looks to be randomly displaying some artists as the musicbrainz_albumartistid tag which is just a string of letters and numbers. e.g. dd77b8dd-cdc7-46b9-8a7f-11894ca0490e

If you go into one of these artists with the random letters and numbers, they don’t contain the full collection of related albums. Usually it’s just one or two songs from an album. If you go do the artist with their properly displayed name, all the albums and expected songs are there.

How have these files been tagged, was it with Picard? Can you post a MediaInfo output or sample of a file that is not being scanned correctly.

EDIT: This is rather odd…

According to musicbrainz this id doesn’t exist…

MBID Not Found

No MusicBrainz entities match the MBID dd77b8dd-cdc7-46b9-8a7f-11894ca0490e. Either it’s incorrect, it was for an entity that has since been deleted, or it is an ID for something else than an entity (for example, a relationship type).

Ok, even more confused. Below is the output of mediainfo from one of the tracks that is showing up as an artist of 0b0c25f4-f31c-46a5-a4fb-ccbf53d663bd

The odd thing is, the above artist when looked up on musicbrainz isJohn Hopkins (release group tag). But unless I am missing something is not mentioned anywhere in the tag info.

This artist / album combo is also showing up as an artist with name 8dce9ad6-9415-4373-9747-dcac5ef43aef in my vero. though I cant find this on musicbrainz edit: turns out it is in musicbrainz, just their search seems to suck Leo Abrahams - MusicBrainz

All music was tagged with picard

mediainfo "01 - Emerald and Lime.flac"
Complete name                            : 01 - Emerald and Lime.flac
Format                                   : FLAC
Format/Info                              : Free Lossless Audio Codec
File size                                : 54.2 MiB
Duration                                 : 3 min 1 s
Overall bit rate mode                    : Variable
Overall bit rate                         : 2 502 kb/s
Album                                    : Small Craft on a Milk Sea
Album/Performer                          : Brian Eno
Part                                     : 1
Part/Total                               : 1 / 1
Track name                               : Emerald and Lime
Track name/Position                      : 01
Track name/Total                         : 15
Performer                                : Brian Eno
Producer                                 : Warp Records
Label                                    : Warp
Genre                                    : Ambient
Recorded date                            : 2010-11-15
ISRC                                     : GBBPW1000209
Cover                                    : Yes
Cover type                               : Cover (front)
Cover MIME                               : image/jpeg
DISCOGS_ARTIST_LINK                      : Brian%20Eno
DISCOGS_CATALOG                          : WARPLP207R
DISCOGS_COUNTRY                          : Europe
DISCOGS_LABEL_LINK                       : Warp%20Records
DISCOGS_RELEASE_ID                       : 3220367
DISCOGS_RELEASED                         : 2011
MUSICBRAINZ_RELEASEGROUPID               : 0d0c7a79-39e0-4ccd-a776-cd4b7b75ca59
ORIGINALDATE                             : 2010-10-21
ORIGINALYEAR                             : 2010
RELEASETYPE                              : album
ASIN                                     : B0040V7J36
RELEASECOUNTRY                           : GB
SCRIPT                                   : Latn
ALBUMARTISTSORT                          : Eno, Brian
BARCODE                                  : 0801061020729
CATALOGNUMBER                            : WARPCD207
RELEASESTATUS                            : official
MEDIA                                    : CD
ARTISTSORT                               : Eno, Brian
MUSICBRAINZ_RELEASETRACKID               : a5192253-6c60-3454-8257-9f736a15c0ac

Format                                   : FLAC
Format/Info                              : Free Lossless Audio Codec
Duration                                 : 3 min 1 s
Bit rate mode                            : Variable
Bit rate                                 : 2 498 kb/s
Channel(s)                               : 2 channels
Channel positions                        : Front: L R
Sampling rate                            : 96.0 kHz
Bit depth                                : 24 bits
Stream size                              : 54.1 MiB (100%)
Writing library                          : libFLAC 1.2.1 (UTC 2007-09-17)

That seems to be missing a lot of the musicbrainz specific tags. I would expect it to look more like this…

Complete name               : \\SERVER\Media\iTunes Music\Free Nationals\Free Nationals\02 Beauty & Essex.mp3
Format                      : MPEG Audio
File size                   : 10.6 MiB
Duration                    : 4 min 37 s
Overall bit rate mode       : Constant
Overall bit rate            : 320 kb/s
Album                       : Free Nationals
Album/Performer             : Free Nationals
Part/Position               : 1
Part/Total                  : 1
Track name                  : Beauty & Essex
Track name/Position         : 2
Track name/Total            : 13
Performer                   : Free Nationals feat. Daniel Caesar & Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Publisher                   : OBE
Genre                       : Hip Hop/Rap
Original/Released date      : 2019
Recorded date               : 2019
Writing library             : LAMEªª€
ISRC                        : USUYG1220022
Cover                       : Yes
Cover MIME                  : image/jpeg
EXPLICIT                    : 1
SCRIPT                      : Latn
Media Type                  : Digital Media
COMPILATION                 : 0
SOURCE                      : Deezer
ASIN                        : B07ZPPJTKC
RELEASETYPE                 : Album
originalyear                : 2019
SOURCEID                    : 790458222
BARCODE                     : 194690041419
LABEL                       : OBE, LLC / EMPIRE
albumartists                : Free Nationals
MusicBrainz Album Type      : album
MusicBrainz Album Status    : official
MusicBrainz Album Release C : US
MusicBrainz Album Id        : 64990800-4e35-4dea-b187-dc8f6963044f
ARTISTS                     : Free Nationals/Daniel Caesar/Unknown Mortal Orchestra
MusicBrainz Album Artist Id : a536dd07-131b-48ef-ab47-141b752ba082
MusicBrainz Release Group I : c0b2f399-6cc8-4fd5-baae-b0a0fce716a7
MusicBrainz Release Track I : 46752f30-90a3-4edc-aa51-bbe5788362eb
MusicBrainz Artist Id       : a536dd07-131b-48ef-ab47-141b752ba082/b46e298d-d3a5-4695-a03e-63e8c523b23e/e2305342-0bde-4a2c-aed0-4b88694834de

Format                      : MPEG Audio
Format version              : Version 1
Format profile              : Layer 3
Format settings             : Joint stereo
Duration                    : 4 min 37 s
Bit rate mode               : Constant
Bit rate                    : 320 kb/s
Channel(s)                  : 2 channels
Sampling rate               : 44.1 kHz
Frame rate                  : 38.281 FPS (1152 SPF)
Compression mode            : Lossy
Stream size                 : 10.6 MiB (99%)
Writing library             : LAMEªª€

Also do you have tag reading enabled in settings>media>music>

Interesting, all my tags (or at least the ones I’ve looked at so far) seem to be of the format I showed above. Though I am not sure the missing tags would cause this issue here :confused:

I assume mediainfo file.flac should be enough to show all tags

Yep, it’s on, along with Show "All Items" entry and Show song and album artists and Search for thumbnails on remote shares. The others are off

I’m not so sure. I think that it would probably be fine if there was no musicbrainz tags, or if you had the tags for artist and album mbid, but I don’t think Kodi really likes it when you only have some of them. In a similar manner if you didn’t enable tag reading then it would probably also scrape most titles correctly as it would lookup the album from the file name and then pull all the info directly from online.

I have my entire collection run through Picard using the tags like above and out of thousands a albums there was no incorrect scraping.

I’ll give it a try and get picard to re-tag an album and see what happens

I think the lack of tags has something to do with flac vs mp3. running any flac album through picard only gets those two musicbrainz. While mp3 get the same as you.

I just tried it with a flac album and Picard added all those tags. For some reason MediaInfo only displayed those two tags which confuses me. I pulled the files into Mp3tag and by viewing extended tags I could see that they were all written the same as my mp3 and AAC audio. I had no issue scraping the flac album in Kodi either with tag reading on or off. Is there some common denominator you can find on which get screwed up? Maybe just ones with guest artists or something?

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Facepalm. That was it, at least in the example above musicbrainz_albumartistid has multiple entries while artist and ablum artist only had one entry.

I see the problem there. As Vero has debian 9.12 as it’s base, mediainfo is super old. I tried mediainfo on debian 10 and it shows all the musicbrainz tags


$ mediainfo --version
MediaInfo Command line, 
MediaInfoLib - v0.7.91

Debian 10:

$ mediainfo --version
MediaInfo Command line, 
MediaInfoLib - v18.12

So the issue is that some of the guest artists have bad mbid’s and it just needs to be run through Picard again?

No the mbid’s are correct for the guest artists, so not too sure why they don’t show up properly. Possibly due to not being listed in the artists or album artists tags? I’ll have to play around some more and see what adding them back in does.

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