Issue with vero 4k blocking other devices av receiver

Hi, I was hoping if someone could suggest a fix for an issue i have with my vero 4K. When ever i start up the tv (lg oled c6) and want to use any other device connected to our av receiver (onkyo tx-nr656) vero overpowers everything else and when i put it back to the source i want to use it interupts at least 3 to 6 times more. I disabled cec hoping that would fix it but no joy. I have the avreceiver running through hdmi 1, on my tv menu it has hdmi 1 and underneath ghosted out kodi hdmi 1. im thinking that this could be the issue it seems that the receiver thinks that the vero is the only source on the av receiver. Any help would be greatly appreciated as the problem is highly frustrating.
cheers Chris.

Hello Chris

Does this only occur if you power the Vero and doesn’t cause an issue if you keep it on?