Issues with theme configuration being saved

After the last updated, all my config reset.

I prefer confluence theme just because it’s what people in the house know. And I find it very easy to customize addons, etc so it’s very quick to open the addons I want etc.

But after this last update, suddenly settings reset. I can redo them, etc soon as I reboot it’s back to default.

Is there a file I need to delete, reboot then re-do customization or am I missing something.

Cause this is #!@#!##!@ annoying.

Hardware: Vero2
Latest patches.

Please run cat /etc/os-release

Make sure you’re up to date. There was an issue with settings not being persistent across reboots. I hope this is now addressed. I produced some test builds but didn’t get a lot of feedback, so wasn’t able to work out a concrete solution for the issue. However, I have improved the reliability of saving settings, and hope this will mitigate the situation. If this isn’t the case, then let me know and I’ll take a further look, although it will require some testing.


Well what do you know, I SSH’d in, ran apt, and apt -u dist-upgrade, and voila 4 patches. I rebooted, re-did my config, reboot again and settings stayed.

Thank you so much (and sorry for the help spam i should of tried this first)

I truly appreciate what you’ve done.

No problem.

To be honest: I am not sure if this is the be all and end all, so let me know if it reoccurs. Otherwise, check out OSMC's March update is here with Kodi 17.1 - OSMC to learn more about the latest update.



Always backup the settings.xml of the skin. You can then overwrite when skin changes are lost.