It's possibly to update the addon by SSH session?

Usually i use “sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -f dist-upgrade” by ssh session from my pc for upgrade my distro of osmc… all it’s ok and it’s working whitout a problems but i want to know:

Exist a method for upgrade the addon ? Apparently i have checked the Autoupdate feature for addons but it’s possibly there’s no working ? It’s by default scheduled every days ? Because now i need manually to start and launch the update check…

I’m also having an issue with addons not auto-updating, even though the setting is enabled. Not sure if this is a Kodi or OSMC issue, probably Kodi.

AFAIK updating addons from the terminal would require you to source the zip file for the updated addon and extract it to the addons directory, overwriting the old addon’s files. While I’m sure this could be automated and run via cron it sounds like a lot of work when the alternative (manually selecting the update button in Kodi) is pretty easy.

yeah… i also use the manually directly from kodi… but exactly for that reason i try to ask if exist a ssh command and i can usage it for example after i check update of osmc directly from pc :slight_smile:

Otherwise about auto-update… i have a question:
I have also disable the auto check of osmc update… it’s possibly when it’s disable this auto-update check also it’s disable the auto-update of addon ?

No, they are two totally different systems.

ah ok… and you can confirm or check the auto-update check for addon it’s not working ?

Correct. I fixed this and it will be available in the next update.

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Great… i thinks i can check this as resolved :slight_smile: