iTV - 4OD players


I’ve bought the Vero mainly to see programs from ITV and 4od players.

I’ve just unpacked the Vero and installed it and I can’t even see a web browser …

Is anyone using the Vero to catch up TV? If so, how?


Typically for things like this you’d install the appropriate add-on and then the add-on goes and fetches the stream for you. I think the BBC iPlayer one should be ok but i think there are issues with ITV Player and 4oD (And possibly Demand5) as the broadcaster had disabled the way the add-on used to go and fetch the stream. I don’t think there is a current workaround for these (Although happy to be proven wrong).

iPlayer should still be ok though.

Thanks @jb2cool

I don’t mind so much about BBC iPlayer. i have it on my TV, blu-ray, PS4, …

4od and ITV player are using - I think - a Flash plugin.

Without any add-ons, is there a way to have a web browser on the Vero. And is Vero compatible with Flash?