January 2018.01-1 Live TV Broken - Resolved

Updated today (8th Feb 2018), after prompted.

Now my Live TV section isn’t working! Its using the VU+ Addon. No issues yesterday, nothing else changed.

When I go into the section, the “TV Guide” / Timeline does not work AT ALL.

If I try to pick a sub-section, lord only knows which section it is trying to pick. Certainly not the one intended! i.e. pick “Sports”, and I get channels showing NCIS and Murder She Wrote!

If I try to scroll any list, it takes over / scrolls on its own accord.

Fix ASAP please!

posted from my system; paste.osmc.tv/kajejequvu

We haven’t changed PVR functionality in this release.
There were Live TV playback improvements; but nothing affecting the guide.

Can you clarify this with some screenshots?
Which skin are you using?

recently bought Vero4K. skin is the default.

will try to take screenshots as soon as i can. is there a built-in method to do this? else will resort to phone camera

Print screen if you have a keyboard
Believe web interface and some remote apps can also do this

Photos also work though

Issue was with my VU+ box, not OSMC / Vero4K. Apologies.