Jerky Playback on some files

HI All,

I have two Vero 4k+ and one Asus Chromebox (Libreelec). During playback of two files, I noticed jerkiness in the playing; the audio was fine but the screen would freeze for a second or two, and then continue on.

The problem occurs on both Veros, but not the Chromebox.

I enabled logging, rebooted, select the TV show from the menu (on a NAS - FTP), skipped ahead 40 minutes and then fast-forwarded to the part where the video stutters. I then stoped the playback. I can duplicate this at this section of the show, but it happened intermittently during the whole episode.

The media info log is here:
The debug log is here: Logs available at

This is my first support request so I hope I have done this correctly.
Anything else you need, please let me know.



Thank you for the report and for uploading logs.

I’d guess this is the problem:

Frame rate mode                          : Variable
Frame rate                               : 31.647 fps
Original frame rate                      : 25.000 fps

The variable frame rate is a little bit odd.
This is usually the sign of a bad encode.


Wow That was fast.

I thought that at first so that is why I tried the Chromebox. I just tried playing it with my Mac (using VLC) and although it didn’t freeze, I do see some strange pixelation right at the same part.

I see you got that info from the file so I will keep an eye out for that relationship if I see more of this.

Thanks for the fast response Sam!

You’re welcome.
Our hardware decoder really hates variable frame rates. I’ll see if I can work around this, but it’s low on the list because these encodes will be (and should be) rare.