Jump key configuration help please

I have a Motorola Remote Control that I use with OSMC Kodi through a FLIRC interface on my RPi2.
What I am missing with this is a way to jump forward or back a certain time to skip ads in recorded TV shows. Right now my red and green buttons jump 10s forward and back when used but that is pitiful concerning the length of the ads sections. I would like to set yellow and blue to jump like 3 minutes forward and 1 minute back respectively to more easily skip the ads.
But I have no clue on how to configure this…
Is there a way to add skipping to the unused color buttons or else to change the skip lengths on he two buttons that work?

You are aware of the recent addative skipping, or? http://kodi.wiki/view/skip_steps

No, I was not…
Thanks for the suggestion!
Now I have updated my OSMC to May 2016 level and then tested the left and right buttons as described in the link you showed. Gets me more skip lengths and eases the skip navigation, so it is a better way than I knew about.
However I would like for the steps to be easier to activate at certain sizes. It is a bit hard to tap the keys multiple times to get say a minute ahead. Easily tapped an additional 5th time and that jumps way ahead…
I will look into the config part, but then I have to drag my computer up to the living room where the TV is located. Or print the page on paper…
I like to have rather big forward steps and then smaller back steps to adjust getting too far ahead.

You are aware of the innovation of VNC?

For what would I use VNC?
I do have TightVNC installed on my other 3-4 Raspberry Pi units but these are used as development platforms and as controllers so there is no Kodi on these. I use that in order to have a RPi dektop on my PC since these Pi units are otherwise headless…
In this case I referred to the fact that my PC on which I am reading/writing this is in my study and the OSMC RPi is in the living room and in order to reconfigure I have to memorize the steps and run between the rooms…
But I have tested the skipping more now and found the config for the left/right skip steps too. It is OK except for convenience I would like my two color buttons to have a bigger step than 10 seconds. There must be some config file where this is defined (the color buttons that is)…

Well, that’s exactly what I was referring to with VNC. If you install VNC on the Pi running Kodi you don’t have to run between the rooms you can just quickly do the changes from your PC.

Except the OSMC/Kodi remote control will not work from my study, right?

After further reading in the HOWTO I realize that the VNC howto is geared towards forwarding the OSMC desktop (i.e. Kodi) via the router out to the Internet. Presumably in order to have access to the content also from other locations.
Is this correct?

Well everything will work as if you sit in front of the TV, just don’t expect 50 FPS.

Well I don’t think it is especially geared towards the Internet. Running VNC (server) on OSMC has for me mainly the purpose of being able to access the Kodi screen when I am either not in the same room (which also could be remote via VPN) as the OSMC device or the TV is misused for the purpose of watching TV instead of being the display for OSMC.