June update and OSMC DVB-T2 dongle

Does anyone know if this update is meant to allow DVB-T2 support on the OSMC USB dongle?

The release notes imply this might be so, but I am still only seeing the Realtek device and no sign of the Panasonic one which I believe gives the DVB-T2 support. I have reinstalled TVheadend and cleared settings from Kodi.


Yes – the June update adds support for the Panasonic demodulator and a series of other tuners.

If you post a log via My OSMC we might have a better idea of what’s happening.


The trick is to clear settings from TVheadend. Specifically
rm ~/.hts/tvheadend/input/linuxdvb/adapters/*

Then restart tvheadend and enable only the panasonic tuner.


Many thanks for the quick and helpful replies.

grahamh’s fix works for me. I can see the Panasonic DVB-T tuner as well as the others now.

I now need to wrestle with the recent Freeview frequency changes and generally bad reception in my area but that is not an OSMC or Vero4K issue!

Thank you for your feedback. I’m glad this now works as expected for you.

Where are you? Make sure you are tuning in to the right transmitter. There are a few changes being made in the UK presently so occasional re-tuning may be necessary.


I’m in Winchester, UK - 2 retunes already this year but probably now stable for a while. In a place in a dip with trees where the Hannington tranmitter is marginal and I get better signals generally from Rowridge on the Isle of Wight. Looks like I will need to manually manage some of the frequencies in TVheadend as the standard Rowridge setup in that prog doesn’t seem to have been updated to reflect all the recent re-allocations (or maybe I am doing something else wrong).

Anyway, much appreciate the friendly support available for OSMC and have been pleased with the Vero 2 and Vero 4K

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I doubt the ppl who maintain these mux lists have the energy to keep up with the latest round of spectrum clearance in UK. Even the ppl who have websites for this information (eg ukfree.tv) seem to have thrown in the towel.

You have to use http://www.digitaluk.co.uk/coveragechecker/ and select the detailed view.