June update broke fast-forward on MPEG2 accelerated playback

My wife insists on using the “fast-forward” feature of Kodi to get through commercial breaks. Since the standard remote only has skip buttons, I’ve always used an MCE remote instead which has more buttons:


Everything was working great until the June update- attempts to fast-forward with this version stall the video and it never resumes playback. This causes her to have to stop, and then re-start the video. Very annoying of course! As an aside, we use Vero4k for MPEG2 a lot because it integrates nicely with MythTV for over-the-air programming, which is native MPEG2 video. So we can start watching a program while it’s still live and pause, rewind, ff through commercials, etc. .

Good news: I regressed to the April update, and the issue is resolved. Smooth rewind/ff has been restored. Of course, I’m worried that one day I’d want to update to a future version (like when h.264@4k@24fps playback gets fixed, for example) and will be stuck. Can we figure out what caused this feature to stop working and fix it going forward?

Thanks so much!

Debug logs will help.

As a quick workaround you can disable acceleration for MPEG2 in Settings -> Playback

Thanks- I did try that, which does indeed fix the fast-forward issue but then playback is very slow due to high bit rate of raw MPEG2 from over-the-air. I get maybe 8fps instead of 29.97. It seems we’ll need a proper fix that takes it back to how it is in the April version.

I don’t mind getting debug logs; I’ll have to wait for a time when I can mess around again with it. The real problem is when I regress backward with the USB stick procedure, all my settings are lost requiring complete re-setup again. Is there a way to regress versions without so much pain? If so, I could do it during a shorter time window.

You can do backups via My OSMC (and restore).


I went to collect the debug logs for this problem, and now there is a July update available. Much to my surprise, when I upgraded from April straight to July, this issue went away! So either the June problem is now fixed by July, or something had gone wrong in my original April to June upgrade. Either way, it’s all good now so I’ll mark the issue resolved.

Thanks for the help.