June update causing issues


Updated today, seems like most of my files are no longer plain smoothly. This episode of Archer which works on two other installations just fine but when I try to watch it on the Vero it bounces around.

Edit, try to pull a log and it’s not giving me a correct URL through the uploading service.

Https://paste.osmc.tv/ html is what is being returned.

Edit got a log finally. Now files are not playing.



Try changing Settings > Player > Adjust display refresh rate to On start/stop. That’s the recommended setting.


Ok did that, now I cannot watch anything, shuts down on me everytime i try to play anything. Wont let me upload log as well as it says it is too large. when I try to upload it gives me the html tag after the paste.osmc


Reboot twice to clear old logs from long uptimes, then demonstrate issue and upload.