Just received Vero 4k and does nothing but sad face?

I just got my Vero 4k in the mail today and plugged it up, and all it does is display a sad face and flash the screen every so often? What is going on?

When I bought mine it was the same way, just did the reset and reinstalled OSMC. Don’t know why it does it…

Can you tell me how you did that? This is my first venture into this kinda thing

Did you possibly pull the plug at some point?
This has happened before if someone turns it on, and yanks the power before it sets itself up.

Should be simple enough to resolve. If you have a micro SD card or USB stick handy, go to Download - OSMC and you can reimage it.

Here is a guide for doing it:

I plugged it right into a surge protector, and then the TV, then turned on the power to surge protector, so I don’t think there was any interrupted connection. I will download the installer and give it a shot. Thanks

The reinstall should sort you out.
Let us know how you get on.

If you can, it’s always best to have it plugged directly in to the wall. We’ve had problems with these wallgang sockets in the past.


Ok I will switch it over before I reboot. Thanks