Just received Vero 4k and have problems

I received my Vero 4k this week and have just got around to opening it - basically the black plastic pin on the 3 pin plug was damaged and when powering it on I just get a blue screen with a sad face on it.

Not a great start I guess but is there anything I can try please??

Thanks in advance

That’s odd. We do check the plugs before shipping them.

If you let me know your order # we can send you a new plug.

If the PSU is problematic it has probably corrupted your system, so a reinstallation is the best option

Hi Sam
My order is #16015 and also how do I carry out a re-installation please?
Is there an easy thread I can follow?

See Reinstalling OSMC - Vero 4K - OSMC

Might be an idea to wait for the new plug


OK will do thanks

Hi again
Just had a look at the download and I am not sure which operating system to chose and then the correct selections after that, could you please advise?


You need use the osmc installer to setup an sdcard or usb card (sdcard will easiest), you need to select the operating you are running the osmc installer on to setup the sd card.

Then when you run installer just follow the prompts and select vero4k.

With the vero4k powered off, insert the sd card. Power on back on, the vero4k should be now boot from the sdcard and reinstall osmc.

Thanks Tom.