Just updated Vero to Latest Update Screen Issue

Hi, I just updated Vero 4K to the latest version via MyOSMC and everything seems to work, except when I was transferring 15 MKVs over to an external drive plugged into it via the file manager the menu suddenly faded to black. I was in the middle of the transfer.

I thought it was a screensaver so I hit my remote and nothing happened. Then I went to the drive I was transferring from and it was not showing a sign of a transfer (via a little blue dot that normally blinks during transfer). No dot blinking.

I had to unplug it and replug to get the Vero turned back on. When I turned it back on I got an error on screen about HDMI CEC I believe.

This has never happened on the older firmware.

I checked the screensaver and it was set to black but I turned it off. I went into system and power saving and checked put display to sleep and shutdown function timer. Both off. I turned them both on and then off again just for the heck of it

Any idea what might cause this? It is not good it happened during a file transfer, but the files seem okay hopefully.

Is the drive externally powered?

The one in which I’m transferring to is powered by the wall plug. The one transferring from is powered by USB.

I’ve been using these drives this way for a long time with Vero and never had this happen.

Just to be clear. On the unplug and replug portion of my post that was referring to the Vero not the drives.

I tried again and it just turned off again after 20 minutes of transfer. It does feel quite warm. Again, this seems unusual. Red light is not on. I’ve had it in the same spot for months with no issue.

The newer versions draw a bit more power. This would explain both it feeling warmer and the drive having problems. If you have a powered USB hub try using that. Also, power supplies degrade with time, so it may be getting week. But trying a USB hub would be your best bet.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a powered hub on me. I’ll have to get one.

The drives seem to work fine earlier this week till I updated the Vero today.

Using unpowered drives it not supported and can lead to problems over time.

A USB hub will help. See 4 Port USB 3.0 Powered Hub - OSMC.

I’ll give it a try.

For now I’ll just plug the drives in to a laptop and transfer the files in bulk like I used to do on the Vero.

I’ve ordered the power hub recommended.