Just updates OSMC to an old update?

hallo there all, as of 29 January 2016 there was a new version of OSMC, and i just updated my Raspberry PI v2 (running OSMC) from the Pop-up that there was a new version of OSMC
but the thing is that when i go into the OSMC app, in KODI, it says>

OSMC Januars 2016.01-1

so does this means that im on a update from the 01/01/2016 ? (or at least that date is when i updated the OSMC) for the newest version of OSMC was put out to users on 29 january???

here is a picture http://imgur.com/KoMblh8

Nope you have Update January 2016 (rev 1) which is the latest version!

ahh okay :slight_smile: