why add-on “timidity” don’t work ?
I have the MID and KAR files that appear, but I have an error message (not reading)
I would like to use the Karaoke function with KAR files
is it possible ?

Thank you

PS- Skin Confluence and KAR files on NAS (NFS read/write)
MID does not work either

I’m not sure if anyone knows how Karaoke works, and support for it is being dropped in the next version of Kodi.

Perhaps someone else has some more insight.


Might be worth reading this: http://kodi.wiki/view/Karaoke
But as Sam says, karaoke has now been dropped from Kodi master (so won’t be present at all in Kodi 16) as none of the devs are maintaining it, so it’s unlikely karaoke will be improved/fixed.

In theory someone could make an add-on for karaoke, but I haven’t seen any evidence of someone interested yet.

There’s an add-on called Mikey’s karaoke that has karaoke version of thousands of songs with on screen lyrics timing.

Check it out. Great add-on.