Kernal.img not found

I am installing using an ssd created with the os x utility. When I boot on the
raspberry pi 2, It hangs with seven flashes from the green led which
is supposed to indicate “kernal.img” not found. I look at the ssd on
my OS x laptop and it has a file kernal7.img. Wondering what is going on.
ps. I used the to create a file system. Then the osmc-installer.dmg
program to write everything to the disk. After the osmc-installer indicated a successful install
on the ssd, I booted the pi from it and got the 7 green blinks thing. I’ve gone
thru the process twice with the same results. Is there something that has to be
done to the ssd once it as been processed by osmc-installer?

The installer utility must be used to image a microSD card. There is no pi that will run without that.

If you intend the system to run from USB connected device, select USB install in the installer utility while imaging the sdcard, then insert sdcard and USB connected drive to pi for initial boot.

I used the osmc-install.dmg program from the osmc site. I assumed that
would “image” the microSD card.

I am using a microSSD card to boot from.

Sounds like you imaged the SSD

You need the SD too boot from. Image that and select USB