Key mapping against action IDs


I’m trying to personalise my remote a bit and done pretty much everything I wanted but there is one action that I can’t make working.
I want to have the movie information coming up when I press a button. There is an action, Info, that I should be able to use, as per, but it is not working.
the log basically says that it doesnt know this action. Now was a work around, I have replaced it with the contextMenu action, which indeed does bring the menu up when pressing the key, and I can then navigate to the Info menu.
So that tells me that what I did works but I don’t understand why the Info action is not recognised.
Is there any difference between Kodi and OSMC’s actions ? Or is there any known reason for that not to work ?


There might be a reason - but you need to supply more info.
At the least you need to say what release of OSMC you’re running, on which sort of hardware (since you haven’t categorised which you are complaining about), and which IDs you’re trying to remap, and how you tackled it.

Raspbery Pi 3 and latest update.
I’m trying to map Info

and here is my xml file

<three mod="ctrl">Info</three>

in the logs I get
22:46:04 8830.721680 T:1956402096 DEBUG: Keyboard: scancode: 0x04, sym: 0x0033, unicode: 0x0033, modifier: 0x40
22:46:04 8830.722656 T:1956402096 DEBUG: OnKey: ctrl-three (0x1f033) pressed, action is Info
22:46:04 8830.722656 T:1956402096 DEBUG: CLinuxInputDevice::KeyEvent: TranslateKey returned XBMCK_UNKNOWN from code(240)

and as said, if I replace Info by ContextMenu for example then it does work so I wouldn’t think that the issue is in my xml file.

I agree that the mapping looks good.
I happen to use meta-e to trigger Info (and it works)
If I hit a key which isn’t mapped, I can get the XBMCK_UNKNOWN sort of message to appear, but it doesn’t come from CLinuxInputDevice::KeyEvent: TranslateKey

I hope someone else knows what happens.

Thanks Derek. I actually was using meta-e before and had a different error message, one which says that meta-e doesn’t exist or something down that line.


No one else can help ? :frowning:

I made the assumption that you were the person who originated this thread, so you had the answer which was there supplied.

Well as per my last postin this thread, this is not working for me. I try it in the video library and all it does is taking me back to the original menu.

Btw, using confluence as a skin if that makes any difference

Try to put in your remote.xml the following: