Keyboard not working on searches

I added a modified Confluence theme to OSMC. For some reason on some fields that require me to type something, the attached image shows up and it does not let me type. If I switch to the default OSMC theme it works. Any ideas what could be wrong?

I get the same thing with an older version of Amber skin. It is a skin issue, not an OSMC issue.

Talk to the author of the modified Confluence skin.

It was working fine last week when I had Xbian though.

Missing letters on the virtual keyboard means that the skin has not been updated properly for helix. You need to contact the author of the skin for an update.

Well the theme has not been updated in 3 years and the author has been off the grid. Is there a simple way for me to manually add it to the theme?

Unless you know how to edit and design skins, no.

Would missing letters on the virtual keyboard affect my actual keyboard from typing? This has only been an issue since I got OSMC and it was fine on Xbian

It shouldn’t affect the physical keyboard.

If the last update to the skin was 3 years ago it is WAY out of date and definitely is not compatible with Helix. This is not an OSMC problem.

No idea why it might have worked for you in Xbian, most likely you were running an older version of Kodi like Gotham or Frodo.

If you want to use Helix and later you’re going to have to give up on that skin or find a fixed version of it. (There will be other issues besides the virtual keyboard with a 3 year old skin)

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The keyboard is useless for me on Amber too. I think if the keyboard xml fails, it kills the input dialog entirely.

Why not use a different skin? A skin that is 3 years old without any updates is just going to break time and time again.

The version of Amber that is (was) in the Kodi repo is not compatible with Helix but there is a build that can be downloaded from the authors Github which is supposedly compatible. (I stopped using Amber a while ago precisely due to lack of updates)