Keyboard Repeat Delay Setting

Hello all,

I have a keyboard that tends to stick a bit and would like to know the proper way to set the keyboard repeat delay setting in OSMC so as to avoid all the annoying double presses it tends to produce. I am on the latest OSMC running on a raspberry pi 3 if that information helps.

If it double presses immediately after you press the key, you might need to try another keyboard.

Always an option, of course. However, this is a problem that should be able to be remedied in linux systems with software settings. As a matter of fact, there are a few ways this tweaking can be done and I’m looking for which would be most effective in OSMC. It might be a good idea to take a more pro-active position and list a few questions for the OSMC devs that would help me here.

(1) Kodi’s “Advancedsettings.xml” has an option for this (“remotedelay” & “remoterepeat”), but does it govern keyboard behavior?

(2) Editing “/etc/kbd/config” (“KEYBOARD_RATE=” & “KEYBOARD_DELAY=”) is an option, but will this only affect the command line input without affecting the gui?

(3) “xset” normally covers this behavior in a GUI, but is not an option as OSMC doesn’t use it. Is there an analogous solution?

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I have the same question. Need to raise the repeat delay!

Once a key is pressed, you should be able to tell the system to ignore any more input for a chosen amount of time.

I have not given up looking for a solution to this yet, but I have put the search on hold for the moment.

2021 checking in. Is this still an unsolved problem? I’d very much like a solution but haven’t found anything that works.

Try the kbdrate command. It’s part of the kbd package and AFAICT should already be installed.

That returns:

kbdrate: Cannot open /dev/port: No such file or directory

Sudo doesn’t help.

This would normally be set in the kernel (CONFIG_DEVPORT=y) but isn’t there.

You can try to create /dev/port:

sudo mknod -m 660 /dev/port c 1 4