Keymap with Smart Playlist not triggering

I have a custom keymap that opens smart playlists. Since updating to Leia these don’t work correctly. OSMC recognises the key press and places the playlist into the music queue, but nothing is played. If I browse to the smart playlists, I can manually play/queue them without issue.


My keymap is as follows:

                            <v mod="ctrl">CodecInfo</v>
                            <u mod="ctrl">NextSubtitle</u>
                            <d mod="ctrl">Info</d>
                            <c mod="ctrl">ContextMenu</c>
                            <m mod="ctrl">ActivateWindow(visualisation)</m>
                            <g mod="ctrl">ActivateWindow(music,Albums)</g>
                            <four mod="meta">PlayMedia(plugin://</four> <!-- BBC Radio 1 -->
                            <five mod="meta">PlayMedia(plugin://</five> <!-- BBC Radio 2 -->
                            <six mod="meta">PlayMedia(plugin://</six> <!-- RNE Radio 3 -->
                            <seven mod="meta">PlayMedia(plugin://</seven> <!-- M80 Radio -->
                            <x mod="ctrl">ActivateWindow(subtitlesearch)</x>

Any inklings? @sam_nazarko

So four/five/six/seven no longer work?
Have you checked that the presses are being detected in the logs?


Actually, four/five/six/seven work fine. It’s F1 to F6 that no longer work correctly. In the log I pasted I’ve pressed F4 which is detect but not opened successfully.

Kodi Leia uses LibInput now for keyboards. I suspect the keymaps here may have changed which means your keymap may need updating.

This turned out to be a more general v18 bug.

The thread on the Kodi forums: Keymap to Smart Playlist not Working Since Leia