Keymaps - keyid changes

Hi everyone, I’m having a weird problem here.
I’m using a wireless mini keyboard with my setup, and have of course made my own keymaps.
The issue is that sometimes after an update the keyid for a button doesn’t stay the same as before.
This is just for one particular key, the rest stay the same.

Does that even make sense?
Why would it change?

A button which was 61576 is now 61674.

Any clues or comments?

Thank you!

Where did you place your keymap file?

In the \osmc.kodi\userdata\keymaps

This is from Kodi log:

17:12:57 87861.789062 T:1958203952 DEBUG: Keyboard: scancode: 0xac, sym: 0x014e, unicode: 0x0000, modifier: 0x0
17:12:57 87861.789062 T:1958203952 DEBUG: OnKey: homepage (0xf0ea) pressed, action is ActivateWindow(Home)
17:12:57 87862.085938 T:1958203952 DEBUG: CLinuxInputDevice::KeyEvent: TranslateKey returned XBMCK_UNKNOWN from code(240)

Like I said, before it worked, but now it’s changed.