Kodi 17.5 on OSMC

Hi all,

I got my RPi3 a month ago. After installing OSMC onto it, I noticed it has Kodi 17.5. Knowing that Kodi has come out with 17.6 a while ago, I tried to upgrade it. However, OSMC keeps telling me my Kodi is current.

I know that 17.6 contains a lot of bug fixes and security features on it. Does anyone know of a way to “force” Kodi 17.6 onto OSMC (maybe via “sudo apt-get”)?

Thanks in advance.


All of the bugs and security improvements were backported to 17.5. I don’t think there are (many / any?) improvements in 17.6 for Pi that aren’t already included.

You can update to 17.6 if you update to Stretch. This should now be stable.

Wow! Quick response! Thank you.