Kodi 17 how to get recently added movies back

bas thanks for the detailed instructions. Just what I was looking for.

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Awesome instructions, thank you very much @bas. One question though: I do see both menu entries, but only see recently added episodes in the TV Shows Recently Added list. When I click on the Recently Added item for Movies, it shows an empty list.

I also tried deleting a movie from the library and rescaning; the movie came back to the library, but it still does not appear on the Recently Added list, which is still empty.

Any hints? Thanks in advance!

I hope it is not bad form to reply to my own post… By mistake I deleted the Recently added movies entry, so I created a new one and defined the rule to apply (show movies sorted by date desc, max 25 items). That worked perfectly.

I guess this shows the power of Kodi v17 very nicely!


bas, many thanks for this. I’ve been searching for a way to change the order of a sub-menu and using your instructions has worked brilliantly for me.