Kodi 18 random crashes

I’m using nightly on RPi3, and everything was ok for a long time. A few days ago I started experiencing Kodi crashes (sad face) just after startup.
OSMC underneath reamains uo and running, so that i can SSH into my Pi.

I deleted the Addons27.db file, then i moved the whole .kodi dir into .kodi_BROKEN and have a new homedir with no luck. the only improvement is that crashes happen only when trying to actually doing something and not at startup anymore.
here’s the last log I got after trying to use the only addon installed - MLB.tv.

Latest 2 versions of Leia is borked, try to downgrade to version -345, it’s a know issue and is being worked on. Instructions on how to downgrade is on first post in Leia-testing thread

Looks like 345 is good.
Thanks a lot.