Kodi blank when running skin

I’ve posted this here as well as the skin support page as not sure which is the issue, I’ve used Aeon Nox 5: SiLVO for years with no issues and it’s not updated since June 14th but as of a few days ago when booting the Vero4k I end up at a blank screen. After much fiddling I went down the skin route and binned the guisettings.xml file, reboot and hey presto works minus all my settings. Change skin back and works fine till a reboot then back blank screen.

Log files here https://paste.osmc.tv/naxosokana any ideas?


The skin appears to be trying to a into video, which there seems to be issues playing and seems to end up in a loop:


I would try uninstalling the skin and reinstalling.

If that doesn’t I would ask the developers of the skin.

Thanks Tom.