KODI crashes OSMC when creating a movie set

Perplexing problem for me. KODI runs fine until I create a movie set. As soon as I complete the set, I get the sad face and it reboots. After that, the newly created set is there and functional. It doesn’t seem to matter how many movies are added to the set. My movie source is a Synology DS216J NAS and I have roughly 2,000 movies - if that is helpful. OSMC is updated to 2016-12-1 KODI is 16.1. I’m afraid I don’t know how to get to the log. I can send it to the SD card, but don’t know how to access the SD card to see what it just loaded.

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You have to provide debug enabled logs that demonstrate the problem.


I have turned on debug logging, rebooted, and recreated the problem. Then I went to OSMC and clicked on log uploader. I get a screen showing a URL and clicked OK. But, now what?

You post that url here, so we can browse through it.

Aha! I’ll start over.

Log URL: http://paste.osmc.io/epagupiwih

It took 3 tries at creating the problem this time.

No guesses?

I still have this plaguing problem. Does no one have any suggestions?