Kodi media center freezes daily since SQL added

I have a rather large digital media collection and I have multiple clients running Kodi on raspberry pi 3’s Rather than have multiple database instances my roommates setup a SQL server on a NAS so that each client shares one database. However, lately one client seems to freeze whenever I attempt to browse the database (both the recently added content and the already existing stuff). It has been suggested that I simply role bace to individual database instances but I would prefer not to do that.
here are the logs

Thank you in advance for any help…FYI I am not the most proficient at operating in the command line so please be patient and detailed

You’ve provided the log output from grab-logs -a.

We need to see grab-logs -A :wink:



Is this a pi2 or pi3? If it’s a pi2, the first step in troubleshooting is to remove this overclock. You can do so simply in the MyOSMC addon.

If it’s a pi3, the MyOSMC addon has not been updated to configure overclocks for the pi3 and by using the “turbo” setting, you are actually underclocking the pi3. Set back to normal in MyOSMC and reboot to re-configure so that the pi3 reverts back to it’s 1200mHz default clock speed.

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I set the pi back to normal clocking and am still having the same issue


So it’s a pi3. How do you power it?

with a 3.5A micro USB brick that came with the kit

Did the hang happen in the logs that you posted? I don’t really see anything odd, except one line that seems to have nothing to do with MySQL.

Can you still use the file browser and play the files? Does the hang only happen while browsing the library? Is it a complete hang, or can you still SSH in?