Kodi not starting after apt-get updates


Today I experienced a non starting Kodi on my Rasberry Pi2B after i did some updating via ssh.
First i did
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
which gave me a lot of updates which i installed.
During the update i was asked to keep or overwrite my php.ini (i think), which kept (original)
After that i forcely installed two packages that were hold back with apt-get upgrade:
Then i started
apt-get autoremove
but cancelled the remove because of the warning
Then i rebooted and went on in ssh (not seen the screen) and the apt-get autoremove didn’t show anything to autoremove.

link to my logs

I tried apt-get install --reinstall rbp2-mediacenter-osmc but unfortunately didn’t solve my problem.
Reboot ends in a sad face while trying over and over with always the sad face as a result.

Your help will be greatly appreciated by my 4-year old daughter :wink:


This will break your system. You should run apt-get dist-upgrade to update, not upgrade. We introduced new dependencies in this update and apt-get upgrade will not fully acquire them.

May I interrupt. So Sam you say after the latest OSMC (2016.4-1) I can’t use apt-get upgrade anymore to keep my system up to date, I allways need to use apt-get dist-upgrade to get the actual stuff?


Using apt-get upgrade will cause detrimental issues on your system. This has been covered on the Wiki.

Uhh this is really good to know, just because I have install some packages out of the line

So . . .
I have to start over from scratch now?
Or can it still be fixed by a dist-upgrade?

dist-upgrade should fix it.

Nothing to do . . .
Rebooted and still a unhappy face . . .

Please post another log with grab-logs -A

new log

Your root file system is completely full:

====================== Diskspace =================== qZy25Yas
Filesystem                        Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/mmcblk0p2                     14G   14G     0 100% /

You’ll need to free up some space before you can fix this problem.

Fixed the diskspace.
What’s next?

btw: great support you’re giving!

new logs

Did the
apt-get install --reinstall …
bit, rebooted and it’s up again.

Thnx for your support!

Great. I would also do a dist-upgrade to make sure there are no packages which did not get upgraded.