Kodi osmc end when I start MagentaTV box or yavdr

Hi there.
Got a RasPi2 with Kodi osmc running, as soon as I start my MagenaTV box Kodi stops and the MagentaTV is playing. Starting the osmc via yatse again the MagentaTV box goes OFF and kodi is playing. Simillar to the yavdr 07 I have in the network. Starting yavdr will end kodi osmc.
Any idea?

I don’t know what a MagentaTV box even is – but I’d suggest checking logs on both devices.

I assume your TV is switching to the active source based on CEC. You would need to check your TV’s settings and/or the CEC config on the devices.

No, nothing with the TV. Magenta box is a IPTV box by Telekom. Magenta box, yavdr, TV have their own remote control. Kodi osmc on RasPi2 is just controlled by yaste via WiFi by my phone.
So no interference by the IR signal.
Turning on the RasPi2 will turn off the Magenta box so that the power LED changes state, it goes in standy/suspend. Strange!

Suggest to read up on CEC

See above

Ok, i have enabled and dusabled cec on the TV. No changes. Anything I can set on kodi osmc?

Once I unplug the hdmi of the RasPi2 the Magenta box stays on as well as the RasPi2. The RasPi2 is just used for radio streaming, the TV is not required since I do everything with yatse.
But need both the same time. Watching TV and listing radio e.g. in the kitchen

Check Settings - System - Input - Peripherals - CEC Adapter
It might also help to power off all devices including the TV from the mains power for a couple of minutes and check if problems are gone afterwards.

That’s the trick!
I deactivated cec on kodi osmc. It works.
Thanks for your assistance, much appreciated!
Have a good weekend