Kodi seems to freeze when tv goes off

Hi, my brother is experiencing this issue when his LG TV goes off.

The sequence is: Rpi2 on, tv on, all works fine. If the TV is switched off via LG remote, and restarted after a while, the kodi gui is unresponsive to all remote commands, but OSMC is alive: in fact, he can recover from this “freeze” via iPhone app or connecting to OSMC via ssh.

The config.txt is:


and in kodi CEC options he set “When the TV is switched off” to “Ignore”,

The configuration is: Lg TV 32LH3000, Raspberry pi 2, local USB HDD, Wifi USB dongle (fully working).
I’ll provide the link to the logs when he send me the link :smile: What else he could try in the meanwhile to solve this problem?

Thank you.

I assume that you are using the TV’s remote to control Kodi as a CEC remote ?

If so, this is a known problem with LG TV’s poor CEC implementation, not an OSMC problem as such.

I have an LG as a bedroom TV and I see the same behaviour as you - but not only with OSMC, also with my Fire TV stick which runs Kodi under Android, which is what I usually use on that TV.

When the TV is turned off then on while Kodi is still running the CEC remote functions no longer work until switching the TV to a different HDMI input then back again. Unfortunately as there are normally no other HDMI inputs connected on that TV I am unable to get CEC working again without rebooting the Fire TV stick or Pi.

I’m not aware of any solution to this problem with LG TV’s.

No such problems on my Samsung TV…

I can confirm my brother uses the LG TV remote to control kodi.
Sad to hear that is a TV problem; I can confirm that with Samsung TV CEC works fine.

But…what about a dirty workaround?
When OSMC is in the apparent freeze state (Rpi on, TV off->TV on), commands sent to kodi via iPhone App wake up the LG CEC interface (I imagine the Raspberry re-announce itself to the CEC interface), so maybe a script (to run at boot) can sent the proper command to the sleeping LG CEC interface to wake up it?
The script would sent the command every minute, for example, so the problem may be solved …