Kodi setting - "low volume noise"

I was wondering if anyone could give me any information on how the audio setting “low volume noise” actually functions.

e.g is it an audio file somewhere on the system which kodi plays or is it something done purely in hardware.

The reason i ask, was if it were a file which could be changed i would swap it for a louder “low volume noise” which could possibly solve an issue for me with a sound bar switching off. Its volume limit for switching off is way too high and would require an audible sound to not do it.

I suspect it isnt something which can really be changed, or probably not easily but I couldnt find any information which was terribly specific about how it worked.

Currently i have a background file playing which works to get and keep the speaker active so its ready to play but obviously doesn’t work when its paused.

I don’t think it’s a file. You would have to get inside the C++ code to change it.

What sound bar is it (brand, model)?

Its a Sharp PoS 3000.

just Kidding. Its a Sharp HT-SB400


Just wanted to understand the reason. I see now it is a pure analog only speaker system (you did not mentioned it). If it would have a digital input, this request for a threshold would not be necessary.

Why? Isn’t the principle the same? The soundbar goes to sleep if it doesn’t get a signal for a while.

No, if it is a digital input, it’s the matter if getting “anything” means a stream or no stream. Analog will use a volume threshold.

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When i asked why i didnt mean any offence, just fyi.

I didnt figure how knowing the model would have made any difference but I shoud have thought about the connection method.

Yeah the volume threshold is just way too high and happens too quickly.