Kore 1.5.0 official Kodi remote + OSMC (Kodi 15.2) directional buttons do nothing

Okay it was a bit optimistic to squeeze detailed info into the Topic line…

I’ve found what I believe to be a bug in the remote app.
Actually, I’m not clear whether it’s an OSMC bug or a Kore Android Official Remote bug but I’m posting it here AND over at the KODI forums.

— Using the latest official Kore remote for Android (1.5.0 at time of writing), to control rPi2 OSMC (based on Kodi 15.2 (Sept.27th 2015)),
— When playing any video (local or remote (LAN or INTERNET)), pressing UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT on the keyboard seeks through the video.

— But the directional buttons on the Kore remote DO NOT do the same. (I believe they are supposed to)

I can’t work out why they are not working for seeking, they work everywhere else in the installation.

Thanks for reading, if anyone has any suggestions, would be glad to know them.

Ok. Sorted it.
Apparently if you enable ‘use event server’ in the settings of the Kore app, it works.

No idea at all why that has to be done, but hey!

I guess this post might come in handy for anyone who has the same problem.