Kore Remote and Vero 4K, changing button action

As we know, Vero can’t be turn on WOL.
Problem is when somebody want shutdown on app, device must be reset.
So i want to disable “Shutdown” “Reboot” and “Turn Off” function or change action for “OnStop”.

The problem is to find place, where is declaration of this functions in jsonrpc.
I want to catch this methods (in jsonrpc function) and change it for “OnStop” method.
Like "if method=“Shutdown” change for “playercontrol(stop)”.

I think you can just edit (or create) the .kodi/userdata/keymaps/remote.xml file and add something like this:


Don’t know if Kore is seen as a remote though.

Thank for your help, i will try.
But when i tried to use Keymap Editor, shutdown is not seen as remote action.
I think this commands from jsonrpc work on other “level”

As reported here:


ShutDown should be both an action and a function. PlayerControl might not work, if so try to use



Sadly, not working.
Commands from Kore is not understand as remote commands.