Krypton Update block


I have launch the Krypton Update and I’m always with the same message since 3 hours… “Migration des extensions en cours…” in French (“Migrating extensions …”)

It’s normal 3 hours ? How resolve this issue ?


Go ahead and reboot. 3hrs should be plenty of time.

Just SSH in and restart mediacenter

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
sudo systemctl start mediacenter

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And my SQL database won’t be broken after that ?

Well nobody can promise but as Kodi is stucked at the addon migration and not the database migration my guess would be you are fine.

Probably not, but your old db is still there too.

I have restart mediacenter service, and OSMC have restart whitout lost my data :wink:

My first impression, Krypton version is most slowly than Jarvis, pictures take one second or two to be displayed… To be continued ^^

Post a debug log. A corrupt texture database can result in slow picture display.

Same problem here with Kodi in French !

Post a debug log.

Yu can download my log here

EDIT : Like Eloi_Rivard, I’m french user

Another bug, my “Episodes in progress” section for TV Shows doesn’t show good episodes

No one wants to download your log. Paste it to and provide the resulting URL please.

Tks :wink:

My phpMyAdmin…

I can remove MyMusic52, MyMusic56, MyVideos93 and MyVideos99 ?

So long as you don’t want to roll back to a previous version of kodi, then yes.

To be on the safe side, run mysqldump -uroot -p --all-databases > gzip -c - > /home/osmc/db_backup_$(date +%g%m%d_%H%M).sql.gz first to create a backup of all your databses. (It will ask for a password, which is the one you set up when you installed MySQL Server).