Krypton update broke everything I had?

So after updated to Krypton everything was gone. Skins gone, settings were gone and even sometimes it’s just crashing randomly with the sad smiley showing up?

So what now?

  1. Follow the step in the Krypton FAQ that suggest you to move .kodi to .kodi-backup. After that you can 1 by 1 move back addon to see which one causes the crash
  2. Provide debug enabled logs for us to help you
  3. Check your power supply as that is cause number one (besides faulty addons) to cause crashes.

Something that should be appended to the keeping your OSMC installation wiki page is

Also make sure that addons and skins are compatible with the Kodi version that your updating too.

Warning: OSMC will not give support on broken addons or skins that are not compatible with the Kodi version that your upgrading to.
Note: If your unsure if a addon or a skin is compatible then disable or uninstall it before you do a major upgrade. Also make sure to remove or disable any additional repositories before doing a major upgrade.

Any third party repository either in apt sources or in kodi that present during an major update may cause problems and will be likely asked by support staff to be either removed or deactivated to ensure that its not the OSMC platform that is the issue.

that would save the forums from alot of these messages.


It can be added, but I think you have too much hope in people actually reading the wiki