Krypton update broke python, need to recover ASAP

the 1st krypton update somehow broke python, on the upgrade screen i got a “python2.7 error” and had to manually reboot but hte upgrade worked… the 2nd update did the same.

a manual apt-get dist-upgrade also reported python errors.

so i thought about removing and reinstalling python… well now the errors got worst, kodi does not even start anymore. All my attempts to reinstall python give dependecy failures and whatnot.

how do i recover this?, i don’t want to reinstall as i have a large library and a lot of custom config so i need to recover this as it is, ASAP.

this is the output of the last commands i ran:

Full logs please.

The Krypton update will not interfere with Python. I suspect some other changes to your system caused this issue.

here they are i think:

2017-02-12 18:43:34: you seem to run apt-get remove python. This would cause problems.

I would suggest trying sudo apt-get -f install; dpkg --configure -a; apt-get dist-upgrade. If this fails you will need to reinstall.

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yeah i ran the remove because of the error it wqas giving and refusing to update

they all fail now with path errors:

I think you have hosed your system.
You can fix PATH manually, but it shouldn’t be broken. Make sure you are using the Bash or Posix (sh) shell.

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that is odd i never touched path, i checked sudoers and the path is there.

in any case i passed the path as a prefix to sudo and now i’m back to the original errors on the first post :confused:

arghh now i have to manually backup all the kodi folders and overwrite them on the new install