Laggy 30 sec skip forward after update


After updating my two pi’s some time ago, the skipping forward function (30 sec skip) is now really slow responding, so it takes a couple seconds from pushing the button on the remote until it actually skips forward.
Also, it doesn’t skip 30 sec anymore - more like 15 secs.

The 10 min skip is still working fine and fast

The problem is on both of my pi’s.
Have updated the both a couple of times since the laggy skipping started with no luck.

Any ideas?

Thanks guys!

A couple of seconds is a bit of an exageration - the default delay for the skip steps is 750ms. If it really is 2 seconds that indicates some other issue. But check skip steps first to see if that’s what you notice.

Yeah you’re right. Couple seconds was a bit of an exaggeration. I thought it were around that.
I changed it to 0 ms now (thx popcornmix) and it’s better, but I still think the previous skipping was snappier.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

I agree that the seek steps in Isengard is a feature that looks good on paper but doesn’t work very well in practice. Fortunately it can be disabled and the step size changed back to 30 seconds with no delay.

Cool. Can it be disabled trough the settings menu? Can’t seem to find it

You might need to enable expert settings, then go into the skip size option where you choose which skip sizes are enabled - and make sure that only one skip size step (eg 30 seconds) is enabled for each direction. (By default most of them are enabled except 30 minutes)

I’ve seen a couple of reports that this can’t be done in the OSMC skin so you might need to switch to confluence temporarily to make these changes.

Also change the delay from 750ms to 0ms. When only one step size is enabled as above and the delay is set to 0 it should step instantly like Helix used to.

I confirm the solution "only have +/-30sec and set delay to 0 makes it work as before (I think important step is the delay 0 will see activating the other steps).

But also confirm this, currently seems not be possible in OSMC. Actually is is possible but you don’t see if a step is chosen or not before going back one screen. @DBMandrake is someone from the OSMC skin guys aware of that already?

CC @HitcherUK

Awesome. Thank for the help guys :slight_smile:

Yes we’re aware of it - it’s actually a pretty common skin problem - both black glass nova and refocus (skins I use) have the same problem of not showing the highlighted options for skip steps.

So at the moment my recommendation is always to switch to confluence regardless of what skin you use to make this configuration change. (You can change back afterwards)