Laggy video (again) after update to November 2021 release

Hi there,

Just over two weeks ago (' Laggy' video with DD+ audiostream - #9 by JimKnopf) I had an issue with OSMC producing laggy video at some times. It was solved by enabling adjust refresh framerate. However since the last update to the November release the videos are playing again awfully laggy.

I’ve uploaded the logs to

Any ideas on solving the problem?

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Turn off ‘only allow acceleration for HEVC’ in Settings->Player->Videos.

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Wow, thanks. Had the same issue all day yesterday and couldn’t figure it out. This fixed it for me.

Yup. It doesn’t make sense that should be the default. Several users have commented on that and we are changing it.

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Hi graham, thank you for your quick response. This was the trick!

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This has now been changed to avoid confusion.

Has the setting been removed as I can’t find it? I have the Expert view turned on.

It’s been removed.

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