Lan / WLAN Probleme

Hi folks, since the new update I have problems with the lan / WLAN. In the network of vero I am shown that I am not connected to the Internet. Over LAN although I attached my LAN cable as always. I have to always click on the ehter adapter to get a connection. If I have her then. Is she so slow that it is almost impossible to watch any video. Otherwise my internet is running great. No matter what device I have over it, everything works. Only with the vero not. Even if I restart it. Do I sometimes have to click on the adapter 4-5 times until I have internet. Does anyone have an idea to solve the problem? Thanks in advance

I am working now. But of course I can later upload the log file if it helps … Just thought maybe someone has had the same problem already. And maybe also has a solution

Now have the log date uploaded.And sometimes a speed test made. Once with my Osmc and then with my laptop and also with my Tab. Laptop and Tab are about wlan at a 50,000 line at 30-40.000mb / s. Only the Vero has about Lan less than 1 mb / s. There can be something wrong … As I said the log date I uploaded

her the upload


It seems that the cable connection is not getting an IP address from the router, so check the connections at both ends and/or change the cable. Also make sure that the router is configured for DHCP on the wired connections.