Last best version of OSMC based on Kodi 17.6

I’ve decided to revert all of my Kodi clients to 17.6 due to a number of compatibility issues with 18.5. Since I use MySQL in order to have a centralized database, I need to rollback my OSMC clients as well. Anybody know which of the older releases shown here is the last, best, OSMC release based on 17.6?:

Since I’ll need to turn off auto-update for the foreseeable future, I want to be sure to have the final 17.6 version.

What compatibility issues do you have? It would be better to fix those than to downgrade to an un-supported version.

Totally agree, but at the moment my showstopper (no pun intended) is live TV channel changing with my MediaPortal TV Server. Whenever I change channels, the live TV buffer reverts to the beginning of the buffer and starts showing whatever I was watching initially, on whatever channel that happened to be. Eventually, the channel change happens once the live TV buffer gets back to the point where I initiated the channel change.

Automatic commercial skipping seems to be broken on some platforms also – in OSMC it works again as of the version based on 18.5, but it’s not working on my primary Windows 7 based HTPC. Unfortunately, when it comes to live TV, there are very few developers involved with any given backend server and seemingly little testing done.

Anyway, 17.6 worked really well for me, and mySQL is an important part of my program. So, I’m hoping somebody knows which version of OSMC from the above website is based on 17.6, to avoid having to figure it out by trial-and-error.

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According to the Blog Kodi v18 came in April 2019 so that would make the last download for v17 December 2018.