Latest added movie thumbnail only appears, when it's selected

Hi there, the “no thumbnail found yet” icon shows up every time I move away from the latest movie added. Also this is only a problem on the home screen.

Anyone experienced this before and found a solution to this?

The thumbnail shows up, when I move the cursor/selector up on the latest added movie. It only happens for the latest movie added.

Also it might be worth to know, that I’m using Confluence as Skin.

Does it still do it after a reboot?

It varies😅

What device are you using?
Can you give us steps on how to reproduce this?

Hi there,

Actually I don’t know… Sometimes it happens, dunno what I am doing. I think it’s okay now… :smiley:

This is completely a Kodi thumbnail cache plus skin issue. I’ve had this issue for various thumbnails on my skin of choice (Titan), and a skin change makes it go away, and changing back makes it come back.

You can use the Texture Cache utility to verify that the thumbnail is cached. If it is, it always resolves itself in an hour or so at most for me. The only time it continues if the thumbnail wasn’t correctly cached.

I also see this happen on my PC, but only rarely, and I suspect it has to do with the fact that the PC is much beefier than the Vero, so things get done faster.

Cool, thanks for reply :slight_smile: